A Church of Inclusivity

Our Church Membership

The Catholic Church of the Americas (CCA) is one of the many Independent Catholic Churches in the United States and the world.  We are Catholic because of our theology and polity.  We adhere to the seven sacraments and we enjoy tactile apostolic succession.  We are independent of Rome and the authority and infallibility of the pope but we accept him as one bishop among many who - like all bishops - teaches, governs, and sanctifies the Children of God in a manner consistent with dogma and tradition.  


Are you interested in becoming a member of our church?  All that is needed is to show he intent and meet with one of our priests.  He or she will be happy to let you know more about our membership and our beliefs.  There are no commitments, financial or otherwise. 


We accept people of all genders, sexual orientation, and marital status into membership and ordination.  Our ordained clergy truly believes that everyone is welcome.  After all, Christ did for everyone.

Catholic Church of the americas

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