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Bishop Martel Begins a New Chapter in his Life

About the beginning of every academic year, the Lord has hia own surprise for me.  A few years ago, I had decided to take my retirement to emphasize most of my time doing work for the international church.  No sooner had I made my decision and a week and had gone by, the Lord called me again to his serice.  I received a called from the University saying that they needed 
some help within the English Department.  Once I got there, I was made the head of the Department but all students would have to take one of my classes to determine if they are truly "college material."  The benefit is that I got to meet most students in our department and make future recommendations to them.  Well, the 2019-20 year is here and I asked once again for my retirement due to increased difficulty in my mobility. So, I've been off a semester and have truly been "my own boss" and getting done what I want to get done, when I want to get it done,  I must honestly admit that I truly miss my students and it's always such a joy to meet them "in the streets."
      So, what am I doing now?  I am following loads to try to increase our clergy membership.  If any of you have any ideas, send them this way.  The major time I am spending on working on Church Sacramentary for the Altars.  I have found a company (LuLu) who will met our demands at a very reasonable rate, with a true hardback professional covers.  It will be a set of four volumes of abour 425 pages each.  Each diocese will receive a free copy from me and any individual priest, or clergy will be able to buy unbound books through another company.  I am also phanning on making a much small missal for the people of our parishes.
     I am also catching up on my reading, cross-stitching, TV viewing, and general R&R.  But after 42 years in academia, I am ready to continue to answer God's call, wherever and whatever that may be for he ... for Him.

Catholic Church of the americas

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